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The exercise was a US-led Multi-National Force (Canada, UK, Aust, NZ) fighting a near-peer enemy (China) after they invade a neighbor (Japan) we had French and Singapore Observers and visit from NATO

The goal was to test the new US army capabilities in command and control that would online in 2028.

The UK took 1600 casualties the first day due to fast air attacks, Canada faired the same and lost most of our US loaned avenger systems

They threw in Cyclones and a solar flare so we lost air assets and communications

In other news, two Australians were arrested in route to the EX in Hawaii for unknown alcohol-related reasons.

and on a personal note, I HATE MRE's and US army operations make me wonder how they do well in war.

I did get a brand new pair of Combat Boots for a bottle of Maple Suryp. I think if I had another bottle I could have got a Hummer!
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