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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
Its one thing that was never really resolved between V1 and V2.2 - i.e. in V1 the Iranians eventually overthrew the government and put one in that was much more friendly to the West - thus the Western equipment that was operated by Iran and the fact that the US came to their aid and didnt have to fight their way ashore against a hostile Iran and a hostile Soviet Union

One thing that has always been understood is that V1 and V2.2 were basically interchangeable once the war started as to the published modules - i.e. you could use a V1 module in the V2.2 timeline you just make some changes for equipment (i.e the giraffe version of the M1 is now the M1A2 of our reality) and the change from Soviet troops in Vietnam to Soviet troops in the Kuriles (i.e. Japan is now much more directly involved in the war)

The question is did the RDF and by extension Kings Ransom still occur as is - i.e. the Iranians overthrew the revolutionary govt and re-established ties with the West - which would be a further POD from our reality beyond just Yeltsin and his guys eating it at the hands of the KGB and preserving the Soviet Union?

If so then at least the "where did the Iranians get British tanks and US helos as part of their equipment" part of the question raised above is somewhat resolved

Otherwise you have to look at a very different RDF for V2.2 - one where the US forces probably would have had to have been bigger to actually survive if they had to have fought their way onshore against the Iranians and then withstood the Soviets as well - which is not the V1 situation at all

The Iranians might have got some equipment but I think it would depend on the relative sophistication of the equipment and its availability.
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