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Default The Armor Battalion in Vietnam

The MTOE 17-35E for the Armor Battalion (as modified for Vietnam) comprised

Headquarters and Headquarters Company with 16 officers, 1 warrant officer and 139 enlisted men. There would be a section of 3 M-48 MBTs, 4 M-106A1 4.2-inch mortar carriers, 9 M-113 APCs as well as 5 2.5-ton trucks and 12 jeeps
Companies A, B & C would each consist of 5 officers and 87 enlisted men. With 17 M-48 MBTs, 1 M-113 APC, 1 M-88 ARV, 1 2.5-ton truck, 1 -ton truck and 3 jeeps.
Company D (Service) had 6 officers, 2 warrant officers, and 152 enlisted men. With 2 M-113 APCs, 2 M-48 AVLBs, 2 M-88 ARVs, 2 5-ton wreckers, 20 5-ton trucks, 10 2.5-ton trucks, 5 -ton trucks and 12 jeeps.

source is Stanton's Vietnam Order of Battle
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