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Originally Posted by jester View Post
I usualy declare a character to be left handed or right. When I GMed back in the day when I had a group, and some of the others I GMed with we would either declare handedness or just roll for it. We also did this for blood type, and uh...errrr. "size"

One GM had us roll for EVERYTHING, to include hair and eye color as well as the above.

Oh, yeah, as for ambidextrious,

I had the PCs roll, back in the 1d100 days, if they maxed their agility on creation they could roll. If they got a 1 or a 2 on the 1d100 then they got it, otherwise NO!
In Harnmaster/Gunmaster during char gen you roll for eye and hair colour, complexion, height and build (which you then combine on a table for body weight), and probably a larger number of stats than most other games. You even had to roll to determine how many hours of sleep your character preferred per night (it could be trained down by a maximum of 20%). Left Handed and Ambidextrous were things you could roll on the Medical Table during char gen. The medical table could give you a few other good things too, such as Double Jointedness (arms, legs or both) and Throwback Strength , but mostly it would give you either nothing or bad things (epilepsy, disease scars, injury scars, asthma, allergies etc).
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