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Originally Posted by theDevil
...there is still a chance, as I do remember something about toxic airborne bio hazard danger, and as far as i know, i where the only one to inject the atropin, into myself and willis as our hasmats where burned to sunder, leaking like a hooker in heat...

i can sure go for more realism, but then i can see the missions going far to slow, so we miss a lot of blood an gore, sorry and sure enough, i love the crazy action shìte.
But i put alot of though of what i put down at my character sheets back-pack sheet (which where amazing, by the way), and only, if any, slightly over weight, but if so i think that was solved as soon as threw my first grenade, or used up my first mag of ammo.

The challenge of not having to much, is always fun. except when there is a town of zombies around you, then it is always fun to find a ammo dump....

what i try to say is something like this; if we shall have it realistic, it should be outweighed by some "fanzy" shit, like finding an ammo dump, once in a while, nothing wrong in having a hand to hand (knife to brass-knuckles) fight, but... throw us a freakin bone once in a while...

u know, like the guns in the beginning of the mission, for me (the character, and all the talk about bulk(here on the forum), to much weapon etc etc) it was uninteresting at the time(almost encumbered), later in the game, as the "spider-bots" were attacking, it would be much more like "omg, is this a "magic" gun that could kill an "armada" "spider-bots" at the same time, with tactical-energized-spike-bullet-head-of electric lightning???" (overkill explanation, i know, but that is me... a nutshell.. love it,? leave it,? dont fight it.! ).

Even though a nice big suit is fun and great, but un-usefull, information from hdd on the suit or other research is also fancy and fun, but with our technology factories and level we are at now, we cant do jack shit with that.

"we slayed the "metallic-dragon" and all we got where these lousy 5400rpm hdd"

but i guess a big powerfull electric chain lightning gun, would have limited bullets that also... well i like over the top gaming,


i also like a hard rule about weight limitation. no "gonna get you sucker" to much weight, or the encumburedment of to many guns as shown in the movie "virus" with donald sutherland, and, scream queen, jamie lee curtis...

so yes thanx, as i parafrase the famous words of A.A.Milne "I`d like both..."
steel dragon etc etc --did you ever think that I send you out JUST to have your pCs killed ?
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