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Eastern Surplus ( sells various LMTV/FMTV models as surplus. There's a side-opening trailer available; as long as the info is around, here goes a conversion to metric.

M1082 Drop Side Trailer, 2-1/2 Ton
  • Fitted with super single tires (35 R 20) and central tire inflation system, anti-lock brakes, parking brake tail lights, etc. . Bows and a nylon top are provided to cover the cargo.
  • Interior bed dimensions: 3.78 m long x 2.3 m wide. Deck height, when unloaded 1.5 m. The side walls of the bed are 0.5 m tall.
  • Overall trailer dimensions: 5.32 m long x 2.4 m wide x 2 m tall (with sides folded up)
  • Curb weight empty: 2.96 tons
  • Gross vehicle weight: 5.23 tons (as with most military trucks, this is the off-road allowed weight)

And yes, if the Project can out-order and out-spend the U.S. government, there's no reason for them to stick with a "stock USGI" design.

Michael B.
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