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Originally Posted by Desert Mariner View Post
The actual coefficients are normally listed on the box and/or in the manufacturer's literature. I started a similar exercise not too long ago and the first decision to be made is what specific cartridges to use. I ended up using cartridges from Sellier & Bellot (S&B) since they didn't have an overwhelming number and they provide the needed info (BC, V0 with test barrel length, projectile weight, etc.). Even this small selection provided 6 normal 9mm loads plus 2 subsonic 9s. I then computed the MV for each weapon with the selected cartridge. Picked an on-line calculator (Berger Bullets as it is simple) and set up an Excel sheet to import the generated data. The attached PDF is what I generated for 4E weapons (shotguns are not included as I'll need separate range charts for slug and shot).

Range cards for pistols run 10-200m at 10m increments, sub guns run 20-400m at 20m increments and rifles/MGs run 50-1000m at 50m increments. Some of these probably need adjustment. E-factor for each range is calculated from the listed velocity for the range. Cartridge used is listed on the range card as well so that anyone can recreate a chart at different ranges if they so desire.

I'm currently giving the same treatment to some updated weaponry but there doesn't seem to be much interest in the other thread I posted in.
Nice, I like them.

The only problem I see is the name of the Uzi carried over from the book. The Uzi No2 Mk B was a civilian version with a 16' barrel imported into the US from 1983 to 1989 and most where semi-auto only. It is not what would be considered "cool" to have in TMP as a player. Just the Name of Uzi is fine.

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