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Default attention !

the Russian mob is trying to hit all of us at once - Mao,Pedro,Barnaby and Romanov have had attacks or intel probes made , the lousy Svinja has even released teh State dept. loose on Archibald ( the dear old collateral damage in urban fights expert ).

I say time has come for a unified response along several axis to give as good ( or better ) than we get .

1) an extensive intel package run through MAOs network ,and funded by all of us

2) hiring P.I s to get on the case of the attack on Pedros and try to sniff out something

3) Operation Alabama Two-Step:

it seems the organizatia have a hit squad tailing my family`s RV somewhere in the North West .I propose that wetail and nab the hit squad somwhere on a dark desert Highway and feed them slowly to Louisiana Swamp crab and stick them in tiger cages out in the muddy swamp .While they watch the local fauna nibbling at their lacerations we will ask questions .

We might also try a sneaky and send in another prisoner to the cell where we keep them - Romanov in disguise as another member of the other hit squad sent out to watch the first and try to get something that way .

Give us some fedback here guys- time to retaliate !
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