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Okay, now I deliver the tables I promised.

The Tables 1a and 1b are self-explanatory - just extending the range bands to 96km, so those wishing to use long range missiles can actually do just that. Of course, there's practically very few weapons that can fire beyond that, but hey, you can add one more band if you want, or two, it's simple.

Table 2 is a bit more complex. Practically, I took the altitude bands and made a comparison chart between them. If you are firing from ground at an airplane, you use Nap-of-Earth (NoE) for altitude. If you wonder, why there's +5 range bands to fire at a low flying plane, when you are in a low flying plane yourself, it is due the altitude variation within the said altitude band.

The Tables 3a, b, c, d and e are also pretty self-explanatory. However, I'll clarify a couple of terms here.

Any Cargo hit in a plane with no provisions for cargo is considered Fuel hit. The normal rules for catching fire apply. This does not necessarily mean the vehicle is destroyed - modern combat aircraft use so-called self-sealing fuel tanks, which reduces the probability of the plane being destroyed by the fire drastically. The rules for a self-sealing fuel tank are still in the works (and I won't mind, if you guys want to chip in as well).

The Fireball-result on the Table 3e: Major Wing/Rotor Damage is a catastrophic kill on the vehicle. It doesn't necessarily mean the movie-type explosion of the craft, but it means, there is enough widespread structural damage to destroy the vehicle. Anyone inside the vehicle is required to make a Difficult:OODA -check to escape the vehicle.

If unsuccessful, the character recieves 1d6 burn injuries of Damage 6 at random locations. A critical failure (MoF 5+) means, the character is killed (so, if your campaign uses Survival Points, this is a pretty good time to use at least one).

If succesful, the next thing to worry is whether the character happens to have some means of making it down to the surface below without making too big hole/puddle on the said surface. Parachute or ejection seat will help in the matter greatly. Of course, if you are flying Nap-of-Earth when this happens, you might actually survive without a parachute (since your parachute won't open in time anyway) - it depends where and what you fall on/in.
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