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Talking "Recap"

The party left the victory ship in international waters...
...the party helicopter is shot down....treachery?

You all start banged up, burned/burning , and generally messed up...

In the distance you can hear sirens of the local german police /firebrigade...

And here we start....the people you rescued are all dead...You have a naging feeling you are not getting paid......except in bullets perhaps...

I will go through all members equipment when we start - and all PC-sheets and add some damage here and there...

As a bonus you can all consider yourself illegal immigrants and criminals, some of you have standing warrants in some countries and you are all carrying used weapons, that has been used in various missions and or bought illegally...

If you get caught (depending on who you are) you can look forward to:

- long prison sentences
- deportation
- fines
- worse...

well well good luck and c u soon
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