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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
and since the East Africa/Kenya Sourcebook is canon that means that its canon that at least some of the big bombers are still operational and flying - its a small force in Africa but they are there and still operational - from the Sourcebook:

917th Operations Group
93rd Consolidated Bomb Squadron
o Manpower: 180 men
o Aircraft: four B-52H, two B-52G, three B-1B

This squadron, the last one operational outside the United States, was formed from the survivors of the squadrons that were based at Diego Garcia.

and they even have a few nukes left if the Soviets go nuclear again - four AGM-86B cruise missiles, eight B61 and three B83 nuclear bombs.
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Proper designation would be 917th Wing. The 93rd BS and 45th FS (A-10s) were part of the Wing in the 90s. We had 6xB-52s nominally assigned operated by the wing. In practice, the B-52s were actually shared with the 2nd Bomb Wing.
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