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Default Bite the Big Apple

"Armies of the Night", a mystery wrapped around a puzzle, tied up with several enigmas.
The hours I have spent brainstorming this adventure are racked up in the hundreds if not thousands. How do the survivors manage? How do they make up for a lack of topsoil when the land is covered with concrete or macadam? How does one efficiently harvest the upper floors of high-rise buildings? What things were unknown even to the scenario-writers that might have had an impact--Civil Defense caches in the Brooklyn Bridge supports, the NSA (CIA?) headquarters office hidden in plain sight in a downtown Manhattan skyscraper--the best ways of using the big power players' traits against them or against each other, who to back to the US gov't (either one) as the "true king" of NYC. Plus a few other sideshows and special projects to give players or their allies a better chance against the predatory groups, large and small, that threaten their everyday survival.
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