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Originally Posted by Targan View Post
Most of my experience with explosives has been as a civilian shotfirer (powder monkey) but I have been reading this thread with great interest. I agree that the burn time and reliability of most if not all chemical fuzes will change over time.

The biggest individual charge I ever set off was just under 30kg (mostly ANFO with a few kilograms of Powergel primer charges) and that produced a pretty darn impressive explosion. I've set off more than that in one go as part of a team but not all in one explosion (coordinated timed charges with quarter and half second delays between each blast). And det cord is great fun.
My instructor on the demo course loved det cord!!! He gave a demonstration once in which he took an entire 152m roll of det cord...the selected ambush site was treated to a series of loops and swirls (all carefully camouflaged) and salted with sticks of C-4; then a few key trees were treated to five wraps of cord and camo'd truely was an impressive bang!
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