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I will be posting drawings of the uniforms here... but i do want some help with the Beret Color coding...

Beret Colors: Brown (Feild Teams), Tan (Recon & Mars Teams), Dark Blue (MP Maritime), Light Blue (MP Aviation), Orange (Bases/Facilities), Grey (Special Services & RAT teams), Light Grey (Pheonix team), White (Medical & Science teams), Dark Green (Agricultural teams), Light Green (construction & engineering teams),

MP Field Uniforms: a beret, a resistweave khaki belted waist-length field jacket, a light tan shirt, a light tan tie, a pair of resistweave khaki trousers, a light tan set of underwear (a compression tee-shirt, a pair of boxer brief-style compression shorts; for females a compression tee-shirt, a sports bra, a pair of thong panties, and compression shorts), a pair of tan cushion-soled socks, a pair of reinforced brown leather boots, a pair of resistweave snake-bite gartiers, a set of OD or coyote brown combat webbing and tactical vest.

MP Informal Uniform: a beret, a light weight tan M41 field jacket, a tan shirt (long-sleeve or short-sleeve), a brown web belt w/a gold or silver buckle, a pair of tan trousers or shorts, a pair of light tan socks, a pair of brown leather ankleboots or shoes.

MP Semi-Formal Uniform: a beret, a golden brown double-breasted jacket, a tan shirt, a dark tan tie, a pair of golden-brown trousers, a pair of tan socks, a pair of brown leather dress shoes, a brown leather Sam Brown belt w/holster.

Tactical Gear: a ballistic helmet w/a coyote brown cover, a Level III ballitic vest w/a coyote brown cover, a set of coyote brown knee & elbow pads, a pair of nomex coyote brown gloves.
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