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Default MP Uniforms

You must forgive me as I have not used or seen my MP books and material in quite some time but I am a long time fan of the game and the scenario.
I say that as my memory might be a bit foggy on some points.
When it comes to the uniforms and equipment I have always had a lot of questions.
I could see wearing a jump suit of some type in a bolt hole or an installation but not in the field.
Since most of the teams were frozen in the 80s I would think the clothes and gear would be either the current military issue of the day or recent surplus.
As the teams are not to necessarily be "military" a solid color uniform may less threatening.
Who knows what the locals might think about that.
I see them wearing a set of O.D. or Khaki slant pocket B.D.U.s and not berets but boonie hats or baseball style caps in the same colors.
These clors would suit any of the terrain in the U.S.
I don't see them needing a walking out dress uniform at all.
Just some thoughts...
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