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Listen, I know this is just an RPG but I like realism to an extant to be in the game and the mythology of the game.
I understand that you lean more toward the military end but the most basic tenant of MP personnel is to survive.
I take that to mean that no single MP operator can be lost if at all possible.
We all love a fight but we hate the casualties...MP people are irreplaceable assets to the future of the country.
Uniforms, walking out dress and unit pride are all good things...for the military.
I'm not saying camo fatigues don't have there place in the scope of operations especially reece ops.
I am saying that if you have to have and everyday, non-mission specific set of reasonable presentable, durable clothes that was toned down into a plain-ness you might got shot at less and lower your casualties...maybe.
Again, just my thinking on that...
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