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I was hoping that Bruce Morrow, being a suspected ESPer would have put some simpler ideas in their heads for them but you're right, the PR types would push their ways and Bruce couldn't be in every mind at once on every issue.
I suppose their motto as you stated has some credence and I forgot about meetings of the Council of Tomorrow where you might want to make a good impression, especially if you were presenting a mission.
I was never in the military so I guess I might miss some of the significance of a uniform. I have, however, been afield in all types of weather (now including the high desert of the SW US) and I tend to always favor what works in the field and what is comfortable.
In MP terms I would be the type who was hard to bring in from that deep RECCE op.
Thanks for those points and I hope to see some more of your artwork when possible.
Now, what's your opinion on MP web gear ?
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