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I agree that we should have a tag on articles like that

now if an article is directly in support of canon that could be different (for instance if one of the GDW authors hears about the fanzine and wants to contribute an article)

As for articles like Matt's - I loved it and even if it contradicted canon in some ways it is perfect for a fanzine. Its his view on Twilight 2000 as a fan - and is something we can use for campaigns in our own worlds.

Face it - the canon stopped in early 2001 with the exception of a few Challenge Magazine articles here and there that are later

Thus anything with a tag after May or so of 2001 has no "this contradicts canon" as we all know that 2300AD is only one possible future per what GDW said themselves.

Plus, as every module stated, the referee - i..e us - has considerable latitude to modify information no only within the modules but also within the sourcebooks themselves, even to the point of ignoring modules based on events in their campaigns.

That alone would mean that canon is what you make of it within your own campaign.

What the fanzine needs to say is that these articles represent our campaigns, which are based on canon, and as such they do deviate from canon in various ways and shouldnt be taken by anyone as canon that is gospel in all campaigns.

The 49th is a classic example - What Jason wrote is very good and informative and can be used as is or pieces can be used. Now that doesnt mean it canon in any way. But its a great read and a great piece of fan literature.
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