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similar situation with mine - we killed the Black Baron and gave the Madonna to another faction in Poland - thus a lot of the return to Europe modules were moot

same with what my GM did with the Corpus Christi modules - my experience as a player is totally different than the base modules - thus an article based on that would be very different from canon

You can see that with Olefin's timeline - that is what happened with us as players and how my GM had world events proceed - and it included how we changed canon both with how he had the game proceed but also with our own actions - on the way out of Kalisz we did a hell of a lot of damage that in his opinion changed the whole nature of the Soviet pursuit of the 5th and the follow on attacks against NATO by the affected units. The ambush we did on the 129th Motorized later on really changed the situation in the "Madonna" area as well.
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