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A game that was pretty much heavily rigged for the French player once it was determined that country stayed out of the war

Hey lets give you all nations to play and with the exception of one major country everyone else is disorganized, nuked and half destroyed - but your country has a fully functional govt, power grid, army, air force and navy while the rest have at best remnants, giving you the ability to take over huge resource areas in Africa and the Middle East while the rest are still trying to get enough food to stop their populations from starving

all you have to is read the history of the 20th Century to see what that would do - why is the US a huge superpower and major powers of 1900 minor players at best (even Russia to a major extent) - because we didnt have whole generations of men destroyed on the battlefield let alone our nations ruined by the fighting on their territory

make the damage much worse to all the other players and let the French player have that kind of bonus and he would have had to have been amazingly bad to have lost that game

basically its like playing poker and giving one guy 10000 bucks and any three cards of his choosing for every hand while everyone else starts with 50 bucks and only gets four cards instead of five - sure someone might get lucky from time to time but I have a feeling Mr. 10000 bucks is going to win in the end
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