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Originally Posted by mmartin798 View Post
I agree that the satellites are gone, unless the Morrow Project covertly put an orbital transfer vehicle with their satellites at L4 or L5 for insertion into orbit and activation once the current constellation finishes killing itself. How you do such a thing without detection is beyond the scope of this thread.

The only reason I have for the microwave is the higher transfer speeds. Since these comm bases are store and forward, it might be useful to get the message packets transferred as quickly as possible in both directions. But microwave does have the alignment issue when setting up, so it is non-trivial to get working.
I'm not a commo guy by training, but with a TEOTWAWKI scenario, it would seem logical that the high-tech gear would be more likely for breakdown. There is also the security issue with microwave, its line of sight and repeated from point to point, sooner or later, that microwave horn is going to point at something really critical, like a command base.
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