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Originally Posted by dragoon500ly View Post
I’d like to start off with a proposal for a Project Communications Network.

First, some background…

The Starnaman Incident module mentions, almost in passing, that Class III access to Delta Base grants the players access to the base commo facilities, allowing for either voice or CW transmissions with Prime Base.

The Prime Base module mentions, again in passing, that Prime Base communicates with the outside world through an “Exposure Module” that consists of numerous antennas, as well as three transmission masts (two are spares). These masts are further described as being capable of transmission but were mostly intended to provide radio reception.

The Final Watch module provides us with our first real look at a Project Commo Base. Kilo Alpha is described as an unmanned facility with the ability for radio reception/transmission, satellite uplink/downlink and microwave relay. It uses a 100-meter antenna mast for the radio(s), but no mention of the dishes necessary for microwave transmissions, but does describe a satellite dish as well as a useful nugget that Kilo Alpha is a secondary site, capable of the reactivation of a dormant MP communications satellite. It is also noted that Kilo Alpha is capable of communicating as far as Nevada and was designed to act as a retransmission point for teams in the Pacific Northwest.

Finally, in the American Outback module, we are introduced to Commo Base Kilo Echo, which is described as a manned base (6 personnel). Like Kilo Alpha, Kilo Echo is capable of radio reception/transmission, satellite uplink/downlink and microwave relay.

Based on canon, commo bases are either manned or unmanned, consist of a tall antenna mast, powered by fusion/RTG power units and are capable of radio reception/transmission, satellite uplink/downlink and microwave relay. Mention is also made that both installations are capable of recording message traffic as well as acting as automatic relays for teams in the field. We are also advised that various bases have access to commo facilities that can also be used to supplement the Project’s commo net. There is no real idea given of the number of commo bases, and only vague hints as to their capabilities.


I propose that a manned commo base supervises a ‘nest’ of a dozen or so unmanned commo sites that provide AM/FM/VHF/HF, satellite and repeater capabilities for an area covering 1,000 square miles.

The manned base has the ability to remote access each of its subordinate sites and can perform, at the very least, any necessary software maintenance, or be able to direct a Recon Team to perform hands-on maintenance.

You also have to take into consideration the article in SpaceGamer FantasyGamer #82 pages 22 -24 Computers in the Morrow Project by Paul Worzel (Bill Worzel's brother). The first part of the article is about the vehicle computer and goes into a bit of detail, but it is the last part of the article about The Morrow Online Network (MORONET). A good read and I do consider it cannon as well.

As to long range communications and the need to place towers every x kilometers/miles. AT&T put up a whole network on buried lines and micro wave towers all across the US called the AT&T Long Lines network. This was also used by the US Government for communications during the cold war. There where microwave repeaters and such. Here is some good information and and

Now it just so happens that thru Nevada, just 50 miles south of Prime Base is the southern route of east west microwave links. This whole network was started in the 50's, so it is not that much of a stretch to say the Project "shared" space on the towers as well and maybe buried a hidden network in plane sight as well. Here is a thread we discussed some of this back in 2015

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