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Default Hybrid Model

To save time and effort, I generally stick to a hybrid approach combining the v1 playing card system for motivation and personality, and the v2.2 NPC rank system (Elite, Veteran, Experienced, etc.) for ability/skills. In my experience, that's all a Ref really needs, even for a major/recurring NPC.

I really like the playing card system. As a GM, one can use it to generate random NPCs; as a content creator, it's a simple, elegant way to describe pre-gen'd NPC for Ref's. For example, if an NPC's cards indicate selfishness and cowardice, the rest of his/her personality is pretty easy to figure out.

The v.2.2 NPC rank table gives a simple breakdown of ability/skill levels for various ranks of NPC. That's all you need for skill check rolls. I differentiate a bit based on NPC role, so an Elite level NPC doesn't have elite ranks in all skills, but only in skills that apply to their particular role, and so forth. For example, an Elite infantry NPC would have elite ranks in infantry combat skills, but not for air/sea/land vehicle operation or non-combat skills. An Elite civilian doctor NPC would have elite level in medical skills, but novice skills in combat.

Anyway, I've found this combo saves a lot of time on major NPC creation, but still results in fairly rich, easily playable NPCs.

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