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Now, with a 24/7 news cycle and the ease of TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, I wonder if wars could happen so suddenly that nations reactively join into the conflict before they've had a chance to actually process precursor events. I mean, we saw the recent Myanmar coup live on social media before the news networks picked it up and one can continue to see nightly video of antifa engaged in violence in Portland. Or, alternatively, will the focus be more on soft response - drones, network-centric warfare, cyber strikes, etc. without ever actually putting troops in the ground or getting to the point of launching nukes?
This one of the issues talked about also with a potential 'incident' with either Russia or China - the need to be active and assertive on these social media platforms, especially the newer social media platforms, to "shape the narrative", because if we don't, they WILL. (we almost certainly won't be able to, in my humble opinion).

In some ways, the old Cold War was ever so much easier...
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