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Originally Posted by 3catcircus View Post
So, one thing that I find interesting is that, in the past, due to the relatively slow speed of communication, wars have broken out without the rest of the world knowing it. Additionally, events transpire that are slow enough that the observant can start to predict if war is coming to begin with. It took a month, for example, between the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and the start of hostilities.

Now, with a 24/7 news cycle and the ease of TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, I wonder if wars could happen so suddenly that nations reactively join into the conflict before they've had a chance to actually process precursor events. I mean, we saw the recent Myanmar coup live on social media before the news networks picked it up and one can continue to see nightly video of antifa engaged in violence in Portland. Or, alternatively, will the focus be more on soft response - drones, network-centric warfare, cyber strikes, etc. without ever actually putting troops in the ground or getting to the point of launching nukes?
Since I can't post a link right now, GOOGLE or YouTube "loitering munition."

Then look at the scifi YouTube video "SLAUGHTERBOTS" to see HOW "war" could evolve.
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