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Originally Posted by swaghauler View Post
You're right about India and China. The other "flashpoints" COULD be:
1) NK and SK... drawing China and Russia in on NK's side.
2) Iran and the US having China and Russia side with the Iranians and Saudi Arabia and The Emirates siding with the US.
3) Lebanon and Isreal with Syria and Iran drawing Russia and China into the conflict with the US.
4) Russia attacking The Ukraine with a delayed US intervention causing "the Bear" to decide it's ok to invade the Baltic states too and Belarus supporting operations on Polish soil.

I don't like the 4 or 5-year timeline for the war. Show me ONE conflict since the First Gulf War that didn't escalate and hit its peak in just MONTHS. True the War on Terror has been going on for a couple of decades AS AN OCCUPATION AND NATION BUILDING OPERATION but how long did the high-tempo military operations last? Just a couple of months. This tells me that IF you had India and China or NK and SK at war, the war would escalate to tactical nukes before the first year is over.

For a Twilight scenario, this is a good thing. Why? Because it justifies dusting off the older tech since nobody had time to build up their economy to a "wartime" production state. In essence, the war is a "come as you are war"... which favors Russia and China.
There are a couple of others that come to mind.

China's ambitions in the S. China Sea involving Taiwan and Vietnam and their ambitions in Africa. Their saber-rattling with Australia.

That Mexican cartels effectively control the government and their interaction throughout central America.

India and Pakistan.

The various former Soviet 'stans that don't much love each other.

All of the various tribal disputes throughout Africa.

Iran and Saudi regarding Yemen.

All good things to explore, but the actual trend has been a lot more "slap-fighting" for a few weeks before coming to a peaceful stalemate amongst various regional belligerents.
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