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Wrecked by civil war, Sweden has suffered greatly from the anarchy gripping the countryside. The Kingdom of Sweden, which covers the southern quarter of Sweden, is in a better position with regards to food and industrial production. On the other hand, large raiding bands from the north have lately begun to plague the rural areas.

The fertile regions of Scania and southern Sweden are vital for both sides in the war, and their grain is sought after all over the Baltic, particularly in Norway. The small factories and workshops operating in the Gothenburg and Stockholm areas satisfy most of the Kingdom’s needs. Fish is an easily available resource in the Baltic these days, which is why there are many fishing communities in the islands of Gotland and Öland. These islands also contain vibrant trade ports. The Republic of Sweden, located in the north, suffers from a difficult food situation. Although fishing in the Bay of Bothnia and Kvarken has alleviated the situation somewhat, the farms of northern Sweden simply don’t yield a sufficient harvest. Reindeer herding has become the most important source of food alongside animal husbandry in general.

The Republic of Sweden has made a number of trade treaties with other countries with regards to the accusation of grain. Industrial production is still meager, but local authorities have been continually promoting it and small workshops have begun to arise along the coast of the Bay of Bothnia since 2000. A chronic shortage of industrial tools and machines hinders industrialization, however. As a result, many merchants have begun to transport spare parts and other necessary industrial products to Umeå and Haparanda.

Stockholm has been burned almost completely to the ground but people have returned there, hoping to scavenge useful things from the ruins. Many of Stockholm’s industrial facilities have also restarted, albeit on a very small scale. Gothenburg was damaged somewhat in the nuclear attack and rioting, but it has now become Sweden’s largest city. Year after year its importance increases as the rebuilding of Stockholm has been shelved due to the fighting.

Nuclear targets: Gothenburg (50kt) Oil industry. The missile missed its target and damaged the refinery. However, the city itself did not suffer major loss of life due to the missile missing the main part of the city. Nynäshamn (20kt) Oil industry. It was the destruction of this city that caused massive panic in Stockholm. Malmö (20kt) Oil industry and port. Port completely destroyed. Sunken wrecks are explored continuously in hopes of salvaging cargo. Linköping (50kt) Fighter jet plant. City completely destroyed. Karlskoga (50kt) Arms factory. City completely destroyed. Bofors (50kt) Arms factory. City completely destroyed.
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