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Norway suffered horribly in the Third World War. Half the country has been reduced to a battlefield and numerous cities and towns in northern Norway are almost piles of rubble. Most of the country’s industry as well as all major military bases were destroyed in the nuclear attacks. Before the war Norway’s greatest source of income was its oil industry, which has collapsed as a result of the Russian nuclear strikes. What remains of Norway has managed to partially avoid running out of supplies – a real and present danger thanks to the near total destruction of industry –due to government support of small workshops.

The national food situation is almost catastrophic. Norway had never been self-sufficient in grain and other agricultural products. After the nuclear war, Norwegian agriculture has only managed to produce sufficient food to meet local, regional needs despite all efforts. Hunting has alleviated the situation somewhat. Norwegians’ true source of nourishment has always been the sea. Fishing vessels move about the Norwegian and North Seas regardless of the weather. Norwegians sell fish to the Swedes in exchange for Swedish grain. As a result, the remaining warehouses near Oslo are these days usually filled with smoked fish.

The Lofoten archipelago near Narvik is famous for its good fishing waters, but the closeness of the front makes any fishing journeys there a highly dangerous enterprise. Nonetheless, Russian fishing vessels move about these waters without caring about the Norwegians. Indeed, many nightly skirmishes have been fought in these rocky waters between Norwegian and Russian vessels. So far the Norwegians have held the edge thanks to their local knowledge of the islands and the surrounding waters. Despite the losses both sides are more than willing to fight over these islands.

Nuclear targets: Oslo (1Mt) Political and industrial center. This attack killed the entire government as well as the King, leaving Prince Jungi as King Haakon VIII. The ruins are being bulldozed in order to secure supplies. Bergen (100kt) Military port. Base and port area completely destroyed. Strong radiation still in the area. A U.S. nuclear submarine containing 16 Trident II missiles sank in the harbor. The radioactive material spewing from it continues to contaminate the city’s environs. Stavanger (100kt) Oil industry. City burnt to ashes. Drammen (100kt) Oil industry. City completely destroyed. Radiation from the blast also spread to Oslo. Horten (100kt) Naval base. City completely destroyed. Harstad (100kt) Naval base. City completely destroyed. Tromso (100kt) Naval base. City completely destroyed.
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