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Generally speaking, Iceland made it through the war better than most countries. The countryís small population and remote location shielded it from the worst destruction. Icelandic agriculture suffered a severe but momentary disruption due to fertilizers running out, but since then agriculture has been able to meet the populationís needs, though local shortages do occur every now and then. Fishing is Icelandís lifeline and its fishing vessels contribute the most to the peoplesí daily bread. Icelandís waters are abundant with fish, and the countryís economic situation appears to be secure in the long run.

Nuclear targets: Keflavik (100kt) Naval Air Station Keflavik. The Keflavik air base was Icelandís largest and only military facility. The precision nuclear strike completely destroyed the base and adjacent airport, with the surviving Americans evacuating from Iceland soon afterwards. The effects of the mild nuclear fallout over Reykjavik will only be noticeable once someone is crazy enough to have babies in this ruined world.
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