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Denmark’s low-lying plains are gradually becoming the bread basket of the Nordic countries. It avoided any major nuclear strikes in the war, though Copenhagen was bombed almost to smithereens with conventional weapons. Even there small-scale industry is arising thanks to the port (or what is left of it).

The growing Baltic trade has made the Danish straits an important route to the Atlantic and vice versa, which the remnants of the Danish Navy exploit as much as possible through tariffs and other tolls. Sea traffic is hindered by the mines that infest the entirety of Denmark’s territorial waters and only the Navy has some kind of idea about the safe routes to the Atlantic. Nonetheless, almost daily there will be some stubborn seadog who refuses to pay the naval tolls, goes his own route… and blows up to kingdom come together with his ship.

Above all else Denmark is wheat fields and farm animals. All farms have to be able to fulfill the state’s production quotas or else the farm household finds itself homeless and another family is settled in their farm instead. The requirements aren’t unreasonable, however, and by the standards of the early 21st century farming ensures quite a good income for an entrepreneurial farmer. The labor shortage caused by a lack of machinery has been solved by putting the urban refugees and other unfortunates to work at the farms and fields. As horses have again gained in value, horse breeders can also enjoy a secure income. Colorful country fares with their horse markets have already become an integral part of the Danish way of life.

The riches of Denmark lure all sorts of raiders and bandits, however. This plague is nonetheless kept under control thanks to the vigilance of the Danish military and generous bounties for raider chiefs. There is so much work, however, that like in the Wild West bounty hunting in Denmark has also become its own, dark profession. As the situation in Central Europe worsens more and more people are migrating to Denmark, especially from Germany. Some of the illegal immigrants are put to (forced) work at the farms or cities, while others are turned back.
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