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Default A House in ruins...


The Lady was informed by Deputy Director of Security for the Central Valley region of The NDP Security Commitee that the Leader -Haussmann - had video and audio of teh confessions of the rest of the party to the killing of Tanaka Takashi in Belize.

Enraged she decided to exact revenge on General Pain and in the middle of the firefight started a bloody brawl with him ,ending in both fighters being killed by multiple gunshot wounds asd well as severe burn damage from thermite grenades thrown by her .

The last sparks of light that made sensory reception on the slowly boiling retinas of Lady Takashi was that of Dr Wagner ,General Pains personal physician who tore and clawd at the stubborn ,scorching thermite that was burning his master to a horrible death .With his bare hands he flung the hissing fragments away from the gaping,horrible wounds in the Generals chest , and they arced over hear prone body trailing little plumes of steam - boiling blood.

After that the dim charcoal grey enveloped her and she saw the whole scene from above as if floating under the ceiling of the bunker hallway for a fleeting instant .

Then ,with a speed that went beyond anything measurable by the physical human senses,she felt herself being pulled up and outwards into a myriad of little pinpricks of light in a black void for what she could only surmise had to be the stars- although such notions -or even the notions of having a notion became impossible and unmeasurably small in her ever expanding consciousness.

In the bunker hallway , the thermite fragments on her body made vicious hissing sounds as they burned clean through her arm ,and the tissue and blood from her armpit started to boil ,then charred and later was incinerated.

Her face was laying in odd folds , her eyes gazed almost surprised at the roof or beyond .Her mouth had a faint smile .

The Takashi-T`Peong clan had fought its final battle.

Over the years to come its members would scatter to the ends of the earth.
Its houses and ramparts would come crashing down , or be soiled and flying the banners of others.
In the end its name would be but a whisper on the wind -and that too would one day be gone forever.

Unsticking the thread and letting the troubled House of Takashi-T`Peong slip quietly into the dark abyss of information of the internet .

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