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Originally Posted by headquarters
Santa Maria has been hit hard at the end of the 2nd American civil war.

Several conventional attacks and airraids including an invasion attempt by amphibious Milgov forces from Hawaii have been beat back with great losses and heavy damage to the city .

This is nothing however compared to the damage wrought by the 2 nuclear bombs that were detonated in Santa Maria and on the industrial and oilproducing facilities outside the city .

damage in the city is devestating .App.95% of the buildings have been destroyed by the blast or by the ensuing fires .

The military compounds around the production areas and the refineries,oilfields and factories have been devestated.

As a result there is no central authority that has control and surviors both military and civillian are now acting in their own best interest -taking what they want and actively fighting other survivors including the Palace Guard - the only remaining loyal military unit .

Refugees flock to the ruins of Takashi Castle and compound hoping to have some suppplies handed out .marauders prey on all organized survivors and thos ewho are not organized are killed or taken slaves just for small amounts of supplies .

The situation is close to an inferno on earth.

Fires rage uncontrolably in many locations ,gangs and armed individuals roam the area looking for something to take .Deiseases spread in epidemic formats .

The guard keeps the last standing part of the castle secure - for now .
How can I help the situation Lady Takashi? - I have suggestions....
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