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Default Fight Night

EUREKA SEPT.26th + 7 C*

Lady Takashi applied the finishing touches to her make up and sat back to allow for it to dry .Her lady-in-waiting nodding approval .She smiled and grimaced a little before she rose and gathered her dress and shawl around her ."Thank you Janice.I will see you tomorrow."
The lady-in-waiting smiled and made her way out of the private chambers.

Lady Takashi returned her smile and then locked the door when she had left .She opened the dresser and perused the weapons inside .A dozen pistols and revolvers of various sizes and calibers were in the top drawer .

A night out for the first time in almost 2 years .The loss of her adoptive son had been a terrible blow to her ,but loosing her husband before that ,and having had to take on his responsibilties had weighed her down .Microscopic wrinkles had shown themselves for the first time .Her once perfect body now had several scars that stood out on her skin from the bullet wounds she had sustained while figthing for the survival of her family .After settling in their new quarters in Eureka ,things had quieted down .She had seen to it that her people were taken care of in the best manner- circumstances considered.Her family was safe with loyal household guards outside every door.The city council assured her of its gratitude and behaved corteously .She wouldnt have believed a cold hearted business man like Willis capable of chivalry -but it would seem that the well of surprises never dryes up.

She put her foot on the chair and corrected her stockings.The "combat lingerie" that she jokingly called it was a bit loose fitting .The weight of the 6,5 mm Jennings and the extra clip strapped to her thigh made the stockings slip a little . As an after thought she slipped a PainTek M-3 fragmentation grenade into her pre war Prada handbag and closed it .The Beretta - 93R and clips made the bag bulge and stretch like a grocery bag .No matter -although she was prepared to suffer for beauty -she wasnt ready to die for it .Going out with less weapons would be foolish for a woman like her .Her two long hairpins were both concealed spikes .Her gold chain necklace and pennant a miniature chain and ball.Her Japanese fan had poisoned steel spikes on it .A squad of her best troops were at standby in their vehicles and would follow no more than 100 meters away .At least 2 plain clothes operatives would mix with the crowds around her .She looked at the invitation on her dresser.Being asked out by Rupert Willis to attend an evening with old friends and entertainment was certainly disturbing enough to make her prepare like she had .
Certainly the entertainment was going to be brutal .Most certainly the company would be coarse.The "relaxing time" ,the invitation stated was going to be had ,would no doubt be filled with angry shouting matches over whatever job proposal they really had been called there to discuss by Willis.She expected to see the usual suspects there -General Pain,Col.DeCorba and quite possibly other unsavoury characters as well.

But a night out was a night out ,so she was going to make the most of it .
After all - a girl cant be picky after a nuclear war .

The short drive to the secret location of the meet was uneventful .She felt surreal sitting in the dinged and scratched luxury car speeding by the exhausted ,ragged people staggering along the roads or laying in the ditches wrapped in rags trying to huddle for warmth by sooting fires.

The car stopped.The advance team gave the ok.She opened her door and got out .An abandonded factory building was lit by torches and electrical generators.People were lining up outside,some drinking and laughing .AK wielding bouncers stood at the door checking invitations.A pick up with an M60 mount slowly cruised around the parking lot .From inside ,faint cheering and the buzz of a loud crowd could be heard .

The Lady had arrived at fight night .
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