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The nighfall had come and still Dirk wasnt happy with any spots he had seen, but he had a feeling that a good spot soon would... ...and there it was. He stopped in his track and heared all the boots behind stop as he helt his tightly locked fist up. he gave it a once more look over, well covered, two escape routes, easy to keep an eye out for enemy arround. It wasnt a house, still it was just a collection of twigs and branches and an unatural curve in the ground. A curve easy to hide, and big enough for four people Sleeping down in, he turned arround using only seconds to find the LT in the known familiar darkness.
LT went over to Dirk "i see you found something" he whispered, looking arround himselfe to find the spot "it is there LT" Dirk said looking directly at the spot, LT nodded. "it will take a couple of hours getting it tip top, but i got it, you and mouse should just get some rest" "wake us in 2 hours" LT replied as he took off his pack and felt like air for a second, he dragged out a woll blanket and barely noticed mouse beside him. "two hours, that would make this my four over sleep in 36 hours" "to much?" LT smiled at Mouse as he satt down leaning to his backpack "funny man... ...real funny" LT looked at Dirk which where hard at work teaching the greenhorns making the 'perfect' shelter, Dirk looked back at him as LT put a shhss finger over his lips, the point couldn`t been made clearer even if he had a sign over his head saying 'silence mode, please' Dirk just smiled as he helped the men to continue silently building theire 'home away from home'. LT felt mouse at his side breathing deeply and knew he where a sleep. 'two hours, that is really torture' he thought closing his eyes.
"wake up LT" muhaman whispered as he shoked him lightly. "whats wrong?" LT immeaditly grapped his rifle "your 2 hours are up"
could it be? it only felt like he had shut them, he blinked repeatedly, trying to blink the sleep out of his eye as he felt the smell of coffe "i made it strong for you" Muhaman held a cup close to him "drink it while its hot" LT mumbled a thanks sipping the extremly hot coffe trying not to fall asleep again. Mouse grunted something about beeing to old for this, just a part of mouses morning routine, somethings never changed. Though the landscape had changed, as the curve seemed magically gone, LT smiled 'Dirk you're a fucking magician'.
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