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Default end of s07e02

I had a great weekend - and going back to work today was sort of a drag -even though I had my best day ever reeling in over 7500 brunost-credits.

Sadly, I fear that the long wait until our next sessions is upon me..the boat house sessions ( if they are to be...?) are probably in August?

3 months or more.

I also felt that we were just getting into things a bit when we had to shut down. I take part blame for this, some time was lost by inefficient story telling...and beer.... ( as usual- YOU are mainly to blame for the slow going...and beer.. )

But this is the direction you have taken the campaign.Now its nitty gritty. Its back to the core with everyone counting their rations,their periods of rest and making every bullet count... Some of you have willingly given up on riches and privilige ( Willis, Sanchez, to some degree Takashi) and some have just lost it due to the tides of war and some poor choices - lets just say fate.

Now you have to game 2 hours and 25 minutes to take a bridge barred by a 5 foot earthen mound and two teenage girls with rusty bolt action rifles. You barter 20 minutes gaming time to get 10 kg potatoes more than offered. I

You used to just have your orderly put up a sunscreen and a canvas chair and bring you an icebucket with some caviar and champagne while you had a subordinate call in CAS to sort out the delay up ahead. Watching those poor brave fellows in your frontline units being brought back on stretchers was tough. But you took it.Like men. ( And this Chablis isnt even chilled-its room temperature!!)

I would very much like your pms or emails or forum posts on the direction of the campaign - a neo classical style I like to call "the new bad" - also since everything was improvised apart from the pictures ( from my extensive library of post apoc pics searched out over the years) and the fact of the flooding river and the manhunt- give me your brutal honesty on details and whatever else you want.

pros and cons.

As for me rating you guys - other than the xp given and the fact that your PCs live..
I had a good time watching you wheel and deal and get your characters hands dirty trying to make ends meet.

If you strip all details away, you are however left with the fact that you went into the place where the npcs lived and you murdered your way around in there a little bit and then left again.

then again the next day ( sundays mini session - no alcoholinvolved) you successfully struck a bargain with some npcs that were well within gunrange. So you improved very much in a short timespan

GM: you see a..
Player: <fire!!!

see you next time. Cant wait to see the next leg of the tour-remember just like in "Norways has got talent" you have to improve on you show every episode to get Alex Rosens approval.Not to mention Adil and Mia Gundersen. Next time I want to see a PC wearing that targethat when the bowshooting starts!!

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