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Default HG 85

My Jane's lists:

The Arges HG 85 is the medium size in the Arges HG range. As with other Arges designs it consists of a plastic body, an inner liner carrying the preformed fragments, and a filling of PETN high explosive.

Fragment distribution covers the full 360° area around the grenade and an HG 85, detonated 1 m above the ground and 5 m from a 20 mm soft wood target gives an average fragment density of 8.1/m2.

An offensive pattern, OFF HG 85, is available and differs from the HG 85 by having a plastic core without fragments, a smooth `lemon skin' surface and being slightly lighter.

Weight: 340 ±20 g
Length: 96 ±2 mm
Diameter: 57 ±1 mm
Weight of explosive charge: 50 ±3 g
Diameter of fragments: 2-2.3 mm
Number of fragments: ca 3,500
Delay time: 4 s +1.5/-0.5 s at 21șC
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