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Originally Posted by kato13 View Post
I know time travel is theoretically possible. I am actually working on writing a fiction book based on the concept. I just have always had a hard time accepting that there is no backup to Prime Base and if Bruce knew of the failure it makes that situation even more odd.
He knew that Prime Base would fail, and he fought hard against it. But the Council for Tomorrow overruled him and had it built... Remember how Bruce was given the Phoenix Team to smooth over any ruffled feathers over the overruling. I came up with the Combined Operations Group format as the lowest section in the reconstruction, and had described how it went up form there. I can't remember all the info since it was all on the flashdrive that was around my neck when i was in the wreck and i have no idea what happened to it. And the rest of the info was something Emma and I had wrote together. I narrated the entire structure to her, and she wrote it in a notebook that i had later transfered onto computer format. i'm still working on how it went fruther up the line.. but each level had a semi-permenant base.

like you said about the disposable bolthole was stupid, we had used the boltholes as their base-of-operations, and the locale of their largest supply cache with a years worth of food stuff and other supplies that they would be able to use until they would need to access their supply caches.
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