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Default Myopic and Nearsighted

Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
Ditching tanks isn't going to happen. There's a demonstrated, historical NEED for a battlefield bully, and the tank fills that role nicely.
But, crazy as it sounds, it is happening. Read the article. The Dutch have already gotten rid of theirs. The USMC is moving quickly in that direction. The UK, apparently, is next.

It strikes me as an incredibly short-sighted policy/strategy. Tanks are indeed expensive to develop, build, maintain and operate, but they're still the best anti-tank weapon. Infantry both love having tanks on their side (see the battles of Fallujah or the more recent battle for Mosul), and hate fighting against them for good reason. NATO could one day rue its members' cost-cutting evisceration of their MBT forces when the Russians roll their thousands of T-whatevers into Ukraine or the Baltic States.
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