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Originally Posted by natehale1971 View Post

And thus the name change to "The Commonwealth of Canada"

To be sure, this is a personal preference on my part. As such, my objection is certainly part emotional.

My point is, if the Commonwealth is more politically relevant due to a more active Crown, then having Canada as a "Commonwealth within a Commonwealth" seems clumsy, assuming the Commonwealth is still the primary coalition for UK-allied states. Might as well just use "Canada", which is perfectly acceptable in modern terms.

In my own T2K background (which leads to 2300) the political process of bringing Quebec back into the fold is called "re-Confederation". this is because the political event where Canada was formed is not called "Independence" from Britain but is known as "Confederation".

If the Quebeckers object to "Dominion" (although they frankly would probably not care too much beyond being recognised as a distinct nation), why not then go with something more historically apt and certainly a more technically accurate: the "Confederation of Canada" or "Canadian Confederation". No Canadian could therefore object on technical or historical grounds!

As for our position with regard to tiers, I should think we''d be equal to the Aussies! With all due respect to the Australians, of course.

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