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The Confederation of Canada (aka Canada) could be formed from (say) three semi-independent states: the Maritimes, the Republic of Quebec and the Dominion of Canada (Ontario and the West). Over time, power in Canada has been devolving from the federal government down to the provinces, something that would accelerate due to the Twilight War. Still one unified nation with a central government, but power is now formally shared at a well-defined regional level instead of semi-informally at the federal-provincial levels. Defence, taxation, colonisation, health care and other large national programs and policies are still controlled at a federal level, but for administrative purposes the regions manage their own affairs (for example, all provinces have their militias but they are under a national command). By tradition, the GG post is rotated through each region (that is, one from Quebec, the next from the Dominion, the next from the Maritimes, and so on).

As for the tiers, nice sop to national pride!

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