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3) The most fun though was when I was part of the Frozen Chosen. Yup, I was in the Reserves. The only difference in our game, versus Last Watch by Timeline, was we had a full load out. We typically had light smg's. I carried an Uzi load. We were awakened by a team that LITTORALLY stumbled upon us. They had opened a supply chache and some one in Morrow Command had left a short note to explore a nearby cave..... Guess where we were??!!?? I was a computer geek in that scenario. did not have much use for my training, but Lord did we have fun....

This sounds like a good campaign !
May I get an idea of what else your were kitted out with in your bolt hole.
were there vehicles ? what kind ?
Why so lightly armed ?
Who were you in reserve for ? What type of unit ?
What type of team found you ?
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