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From the fanzine

USS Missouri (BB-63)
Active Pacific: Active off Korea and in containment of SOVPACFLT 1996-
97. In port at Chinhae, ROK due to lack of fuel.

USS Wisconsin (BB-64)
Active Pacific: Active off Korea and Aleutians.

Destroyed reinforcement convoy headed for Alaska 6/18/97. Damaged by
conventional torpedo (one hit) in bow from Victor-II SSN 11/22/97
and headed for Pearl Harbor, HI for repairs. Diverted to Hilo after nuclear strike on Honolulu. In port Hilo for lack of fuel, but still seaworthy.

USS Des Moines (CA-134)
Active Pacific: Involved in Korean Campaign since 5/1/97. In port Chinhae, ROK due to lack of fuel.

USS Boxer (LHD-6) VMA-322 with AV-8B embarked.

Ship was en route to Persian Gulf when nuclear exchange hit CONUS.
In Port at Hilo, HI. Occasionally sails in Hawaiian waters supporting PACCOM's reconstruction efforts.

USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931) reactivated Jan 97.
Assigned Pacific and based at Pearl Harbor.
At sea when Honolulu nuked and now based at Hilo. She escorts Boxer on
her infrequent cruises. Only other ship active at Hilo on a routine basis
is the Coast Guard Cutter USCG Chase (WHEC-718).

USS Semmes (DDG-18):Chinhae, ROK.
One of only two 7th FLT ships in Korea active on a regular basis. Frequent Patrols in Yellow Sea supporting SEAL operations in North Korea and in China.

Other active ship in Korea is USS Vincennes (CG-49) with HSL-47
det 1 (SH-60B).

Guam: USS Essex (LHD-2) at NS Guam.

She "shows the flag" in the Marianas: VMA-124 with AV-8B
embarked for, but never arrived, in Korea. She had also embarked
Marine replacements for Korea, but put into Guam after nuclear exchange reached CONUS. Marines formed into the 41st MEU (Provisional). Her escort is USS Turner Joy (DD-951); reactivated Jan 97 and assigned Pacific.

Escorted Essex on her transPac and remains based at Guam. Provides fire support for Marines and Army's 1-294 Infantry Battalion (GU NG). Additional Marines that never made it to Korea are on Saipan and Tinian organized into the 42nd MEU (Prov) on Saipan and 43rd MEU (Prov) on Tinian.

NS Guam

USS Columbus (SSN-762).

No shortage of Mk-48 torpedoes, but Harpoon SSMs and Tomahawks are
in limited supply. Frequent patrols to China, North Korean, and Soviet Far
East waters, with occasional patrols to SE Asia.

Hilo, HI

USS La Jolla (SSN-701)
USS Houston (SSN-713)
USS Helena (SSN-725)
USS Topeka (SSN-754)

Torpedoes are still reasonably available; but Harpoons and Tomahawks are in short supply. Patrols to Alaska, Soviet Far East, China, and adjacent waters.

Sub Base Bangor, WA

USS Parche: Milgov is still very secretive regarding her missions. A platoon from SEAL Team 1 is assigned to the boat.

The boomers belong to Submarine Squadron 17.

USS Florida (SSBN-728)
USS Alabama (SSBN-731)
USS Alaska (SSBN-732)
USS Nevada (SSBN-733)

All four boats executed SIOP when ordered on Thanksgiving Day, 1997. None expended their whole load of missiles; Nevada only expended two, as an example. Missile tubes were reloaded and the boats continue patrols, with Florida and Alaska launching in 1998 (four and two respectively), and Nevada
launching in 1999 (two). Torpedoes are still available at Bangor.
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