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Default Speaking of which

Originally Posted by Rupert Willies View Post
I know that the easiest way to get anything to Manaus, is to get in brought in by boat. It's easy to buy a spot on one of the many freighters travelling up river from Belem, Macapa or Santana, or any of the smaller cities along the river.
How do you propose that we make the infiltration ?

Maybe an amphibious plane could meet us in international waters and fly us in with our gear.

Having the kit unguarded on a freighter on the river could mean that opposing agents could bug it,track it or whatever.Or a boat could meet us at sea ,we transfer goods and team and sail up river to Manaus.
A smuggeling boat is preferred if we are to take guns with us.

Brazil operates a brown water navy of war ships on the Amazon.Plus there are river police etc .

Discretion is needed.

I believe you are team leader on this one Florentino.

make the call.
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