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Default The Twilight War in Asia & the Pacific

The war between the Soviet union and China is fairly well documented in the v1.0 timeline/history, but there's little else to go on, AFAIK.

What of Japan? Does it take a neutral stance? Does that last? Do the Soviets attack Japan? If so, what does that look like?

What of Taiwan? Is there a rapprochement between the island nation and its mainland cousin?

IIRC, Vietnam is mentioned briefly in v1.0 canon, but I'm having a hard time finding those references.

Are the references that I've seen here to Australia and Indonesia going to war from v1.0 canon?

I'm working on a sourcebook for Korea and I would like to include a bit on the naval war aspect of the campaign. That means that I've got to figure out what the Soviet Pacific Fleet was up to from the outbreak of the war with China to the U.S.A.'s entrance into the war in December 1996 and the North Korean invasion of the ROK later that month.

The Chinese navy of the v1.0 timeline was relatively small and weak. I can't imagine that it could put up much of a fight against the Soviet Pacific Fleet. Where would the Pacific Fleet be when the U.S.A. gets involved in the war? I'm a big Soviet military apologist but I can't imagine that the Soviet Pacific Fleet would last long in open battle with the USN Pacific Fleet.

I know that we have other threads dedicated to specific regions in the Pacific but I would like a clearinghouse for macro-level discussions of strategic and operational actions in Asia & the Pacific.
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