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The Red Banner Pacific Fleet bases and shipyards include;

Vladivostok, the major port complex of the Soviet Far East and Headquarters, Pacific Fleet. Includes numerous logistics and training facilities, as well as a major fishing base and fish-processing facility with shipyards and repair facilities. The primary disadvantage is that the port is only 16km from the Chinese border.

Nakhodka lies 96km east of Vladivostok and is the primary commercial port of Siberia. Site of a major container-handling facility, capable of handling 1,000 containers a day.

The limitations of Nakhodka in handling increased volume, led to the construction 14km away of the port of Vostochnyy, developed as a major port. The new Siberian railway, the Baykal-Amir Mainline connects this port with the Lena River. This port can handle over 2 million tons of cargo per year, averaging some 200,000 containers a year. Expansion plans are underway to increase capacity to 40 million tons of cargo per year, making it the largest port in the Soviet Union.

Further up the coast is Sovetskaya Gavan and the port of Nikolayevsk at the mouth of the Amir River. Sovetskaya Cavan is the third largest naval base, while Nikolayevsk is a fishing center.

Further north Anadyr is a coal port and supports Arctic shipping. Light naval forces are based here.

Magadan and Petropavlovsk on Kamchatka have no rail access and all supplies are dependent on sea and air transport.
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