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According to the v1.0 timeline, U.S. forces engage the Soviets in Germany on December 5th. North Korea invades the ROK on December 19th. That gives the Soviet and U.S. Pacific fleets two weeks to tango. Does anything significant go down during that time?

Vladivostok is on the nuclear target list (for v2.2, at least). When is it hit? After the Soviets begin using nukes in Korea (10/21 is the only firm date for this, although it is implied that it began in early-to-mid September)? Or after the TDM? Was the SPF there at the time, had it already been sent to the bottom, or was it somewhere else?
I don't have access to my copies of v.1 or v.2 at this time, but...

The Soviet submarine bases on the Pacific are all hardened against nuclear attack, so the submarine threat will almost certainly be unharmed by a US strike. The lighter naval units (destroyer sized and below) have access to a variety of civilian ports, anchorages and even the Amur River to disperse to. So the question is, what about the major fleet units, the Kirov-class and the two Kiev-class and their supporting cruisers?

The major US targets in the area would be the carrier task force based in Japan and the naval/marine bases on Okinawa.

I would expect a surge of units going to sea to conduct attacks on Chinese ports and naval units, with the Kirov-class trying to get into missile range of the US carrier for a snap shot, trying for major damage, if not sinking the CV.

Soviet Naval Aviation might support this attack OR launch a standoffmissile attack to disrupt operations on Okinawa.

You could also expect cruise missile attacks at the USAF base on Guam. If these attacks go off well, this could buy time for more extensive RBPF operations,like sub warfare on the tanker routes in the region or cutting the shipping lanes through the North Pacific.

As for Vladivostok, with the outbreak of a Soviet-US war, you can see at the very least B-1 conventional attacks on key locations, perhaps several B-52 sorties with CAPTOR mines on the main channels, even a strike or two with sub-launched cruise missiles, especially if one or more of the major naval units returns for replenishment.

When the war goes nuclear, I would expect a major lowering of the RBPF surface ship sorties. True, they Soviets have two or h Dr major bases, but Vladivostok is the major logistical site. And with the dearth of decent rail and road communications, the RBPF will be living off pre-War stockpiles.
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