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Default Some Online Resources

I did a little bit of online searching and found the following links.

List of numerous relief supplies.
The International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent web page has many kits. In the list proper you can drill down to see what each kit carries. tldr: this is a quite long list, and really only deals with emergency response, not complete rebuilding of infrastructure.
To quote their webpage;
The emergency items catalogue has been established by the International Federation and the International Committee of the Red Cross, with the support of National Societies. Its aim is to standardize and harmonize the selection and procurement of relief items during emergency operations.(Bolding Mine) Standardization improves quality assurance, communication and reporting, and also helps prevent inappropriate donations.

The catalogue lists over 4,000 standard commodities with product specification details for each item. The catalogue provides information and assistance for suppliers, purchasers operational users such as logistics personnel, donors and national authorities involved in emergency operations.
This link from UNHCR has great details about what think are key supplies.
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