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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
Apparently he's done some work for Atlas Games...
Also Paizo Publishing
Catalyst Game Labs

Chances are it's one of them, but who knows. Seems he gets around A LOT!
Oh damn!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT let it be Catalyst Games.
One of my friends has been running a ShadowRun 5th Ed. game - we found the rules less useful than they could have been and started converting back to earlier editions.
Then we saw the plans for 6th edition and the members of the gaming group who have played the earlier editions have rejected 6th Ed. out of hand.

And as for the quality of the books for 5th Ed. - less than impressed. An index would work fine... assuming the page numbers in the index actually referred to the correct page numbers and assuming certain rules and concepts were not splashed over multiple pages that have no connection to each other.
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