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Originally Posted by swaghauler View Post
You're more than welcome to take ANYTHING I've posted in this Forum and use it as needed. Feel free to convert it into whatever format you need as well. I feel I can trust most of the members of this forum (and I CANNOT say that about the majority of forums I post in). My hope is to see a "more complete" version of the V2.2 rules than GDW did initially.

I'm also interested in seeing a "universal" damage standard. Melee weapons should use multiple dice just like firearms do. I would use a Melee version of the Unarmed Combat formula to generate a number between 1 and 5 and use that as the NUMBER of Damage dice the character rolls. The TYPE of die should be based on the Weapon itself. Melee weapons should be every bit as dangerous as firearms within their reach. I would also see HTH damage rolled as multiple dice but treated as STUN Damage not killing damage. By having only one Damage system, you reduce confusion about how Damage works during play.

Lethality NEEDS to increase a bit too. You can do that by reducing HP per location though. I use;
Head = CON
Chest & Abdomen = CON + STR
Arms = 2 X STR + CON
Legs = 2 X CON + STR

This reduces each location to a low of 5 Hp up to a high of 15 Hp for a perfectly average character. This increases lethality WITHOUT making the characters "glass cannons."
Unfortunately I don't have any input into the damage rules, that's someone else's assignment.
The Dark Conspiracy 4th Ed. rules are based on the D20 system used for 1st Ed. Dark Conspiracy (which in all practical terms made it version 1.1) and for DC 2nd Ed.
"Based upon them" but with some differences and the overall aim has been to streamline them and overhaul Initiative and a few other points here and there but keep the base compatible with earlier versions so old hands feel familiar with it and it makes conversion of older materials easier.

So a more comprehensive version of V2.2 it probably won't be.
As for reducing hit points, I pitched that one to the team because I was using almost the same system for my own games that you have used. I also did the work on melee weapons but it was based on the damage system from the previous editions with the understanding that whatever rules changes are decided upon for damage will be applied to the melee weapon stats so that they are updated to the 4th Ed. standard.
The rules team have one approach they're working on regarding damage in all its forms but they are looking at various ideas. Whether PCs have reduced hit points or not in the final product or whether there is a more unified damage system, it's too soon for me to know.
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