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Originally Posted by Tegyrius View Post
The same question applies to a host of other medical issues that require pharmaceutical maintenance or other regular care. Enfield mentioned diabetes, which is the classic example from Lucifer's Hammer. Among other factors, I would expect the HIV/AIDS epidemic to be a source of paranoia, discrimination, and other social complications atop its medical implications.

For that matter, anyone dependent on electrically-powered medical equipment probably died shortly after the first wave of nuclear strikes. Anyone know the effects of EMP on pacemakers?

Back to the thread topic, these issues present an interesting complication for any group attempting to align itself with the Cascadians. The Cascadians are working toward the survival of civilization, not necessarily that of any given individual. It's up to each referee to determine how far they take it in their campaign, but I'll point to one of the Cascadian movement's principles:

- C.
It is an interesting question. One of the purposes of my campaign is to have a community build around the initial group of survivors led by the PCs. The leadership core (based around the PCs) have expressly stated that they want to form a larger community around the farm, so as they contact others they will have that opportunity, and inevitably some people will have chronic illnesses and conditions. It will be interesting to see how they figure out the ethics of that.
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